Friday, September 16, 2011

V is all LOVE! V is for VALOR....Celebrating Victoria!

Is this Shel Silverstein not the most wonderful ode to Victoria at When you sit down at the computer to surf Blogland, do you have a favorite blog that is your go to....a blog that you wish you had more time in the day to play along with....if you could have a dinner with 5 people who would they include......When you think of woman who gives and gives and gives.....Do you think of Victoria?

Victoria has gathered 24 quilters for collaboration on the Valor Quilt. There is a picturesque photo of her cutting up uniforms if you click on the link on her sidebar of 15 Minute Play blog.

I returned from Seattle to my squishy envelope with uniforms to be used in my 12" block and the rule to incorporate "made fabric" Victoria style and a design that CELEBRATES! the men and women this quilt represents.

Pictured in the photo of this post are some fabrics I purchased today to incorporate in my block. I saw the hand with the pointed finger and thought of the infamous poster, WANTS YOU!......

This block has so much personal meaning to me having grown up with a father who wore uniforms as a weekend warrior, went to 2 wars in my lifetime and the memories of saying good bye as he drove away on the bus both times....just cannot type the emotions.....

CELEBRATING YOU V for initiating this project!!!!

loVe, Em


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Thanks Em! You have been on my MUST MEET SOON LIST!!! I mean really how many times have we been so close to meeting up?? how about Houston this year?? are you going? HUGS!!! and thank you for all you do!

Deborah said...

I love Victoria, too and love reading both of her blogs. Sooooooooo much inspiration.
Hmmmmm. Kinda like someone else I know...YOU!
Hugs, Deborah

quiltzyx said...

Oh yes I do have a few blogs that are my go-tos & yes, YOU are on my meet list!!! I have my camo fabric from Victoria too. I need to finish up a small swap quilt first (just 1 border to go on the top, then putting on the BGPants) before I get going on those blocks.
And AWAY we go!!!