Friday, September 2, 2011

Have you ever noticed all of the LOVE?

I wonder who will one day wrap themselves in this quilt pieced by my sister?...Have you visited Victoria at Bumblebeans and read about her BASICs charity project? A lofty goal she and Pat Sloan have been given and taken on with their energy... To see the pictures from last year's gifting is moving! Have a quilt hanging around...visit her!

I look at this photo and think......If this tree trunk is my heart, rock hard LOVE lodged in my arteries, pebbles in my capillaries......I wonder if this is where the saying, "My heart was bursting with love!" originated.....

Marketing declares that Cheerios are Heart Smart.....I could not agree more and I can imagine you are smiling if you recall my post and CELEBRATION! of all these little O's being like a breakfast of friendship.......Next idea for AAQI project and it will be a cutie I hope! Linda and Erin, I still think of you both when I eat bowl of these little O's!

Speaking of AAQI.....Have you had the delightFULL pleasure of visiting Quilt Diva Julie and CELEBRATING! her 10..yep 10!...quilts she registered for the AAQI auction. They are marvellous and I encourage you to visit and make sure to visit the photo album of the up close details of her quilting and embellishments. She has been a fabulous SIZE coach for me on my projects...AND! noone had better bid on the Handle with Care before I do :). If you wonder why I attached the above photo of the ocean to this text about Julie's talent....visit and you will see!

live LOVE laugh....Sonia is such a dear and gifted me this wonderful cross recently. I was so touched with its uniqueness! She is a spiritual woman who uplifts me with each visit to her blog or a comment she will leave on mine. Visit her at and ENJOY!

And if anyone asks why you spend time quilting, blogging, creating quilts for others and "When are you going to keep one for yourself?"...Tell them it is all because of LOVE! something about the yummy feeling that makes the toes tingle and lips smile and a tear sparkle...YEP! it is addicting and so fun!



Deborah said... are a dear that lifts my heart everytime I read a post of yours. Thank you for your warm messages of love and friendship.
Sending you BIG HUGS of love and friendship right back.

quiltzyx said...

You give so much Em and you hold us all up to the light, like a blazing star. Yep, you're just plain full o' awesomesauce.
Love & hugs back to you!


Clare said...

It sure is addictive and fun!

Lots of love and hugs back to you.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

your quilt will be greatly loved!!! thank you for donating to BASICS