Saturday, January 7, 2012

DId the zoo gates unlock last night? Come peek at the mayhem!

Tree of Life for my dear friend, Roberto, is taking shape and I am so love in with the animals. Initially my choice for the branches was not so convincing when I looked at the photo- they took on an appearance of rattlesnake skins....but then I thought, how apropos for a man who I know so well due to working in the desert wilderness. On the trek for the right fabric for the trunk and then....More peeks!

Do you enjoy quilting with the Asian gilded fabrics? When I started quilting I would have never envisioned them becoming a favorite of mine...but then again, I would not have imagined I could pull off creating my own pattern.

What has surprised you along your quilting journey?

Love, Em


♥Duff said...

OH, this is a fabulous man quilt--perfect colors.
The biggest surprises I've had is learning that I can create with my own two hands as well as heartfelt tenderness and friendship with people I've never met. It gives me faith in mankind.

Sue said...

Love the animals! Are they being fussy-cut from a fabric? If so, would you mind sharing what the fabric is? Love the colors!

Janet said...

That fabric is fantastic. I saw some a while ago and didn't buy it. Kicking myself now.

Tangos Treasures said...

Looks awesome!!

Unknown said...

I think Roberto will love the quilt. :) It looks great!

A surprise to me during my quilting journey was how strong silk is.