Monday, June 4, 2012

Would you like a shopping spree at Green Fairy? Can you imagine living under this roof? Who do you relate with this as you read this post?T

Do you ever do something just because it makes you smile, reminds you of the playful side you love, or just BECAUSE? The giveaway continues.....If you posted yesterday then feel free to enter again. The prize will be a gift certificate to Green Fairy quilts and I will let you know when it closes. This post's entry for the giveaway is leaving a little ditty about a story that accompanies this art piece or leaving a note of who you best relate with in the photo. Have some fun with it! I am using small quilts to practice my fmq. I find that they are a quick fix for wanting to create while not using a lot of my fabric while giving a sense of immediate gratification. Large quilts may be a thing of my past but then again, I long to create a traditional quilt someday....With this small piece I am praciticing decorative stitches on my machine and precision by outlining the florals in the outer border and working on perfecting the tension on the back of the quilt. Always my nemesis! Speakling of perfecting......My Noah is participating in the long jump this Wednesday and has been practicing with Sean. Tonight he asked me to join instead of staying home to quilt and remarked as we were leaving the home, "This is how athletes are made.".......Practice practice practice whether it be with a needle or running shoes! Sending care your way! Em PS.....I wanted to write and let you know that I am appreciative of your comments and they make me smile. Since moving to the NW, I have been working on balance between my personal time and family time. I am sorry that I do not always respond to your comments but I love them and that you support me!


Miki Willa said...

I tried to put myself in the place of any of the people in the quilt, but I kept getting drawn back to the convertable. I can relate best to it. When I was younger, I lived in the desert in Southern California. I loved the summers there, especially late afternoon and early evening. The wind had died down, and it was still warm enough to put a scarf on our hair (yes, we had to protect our fancy hair-dos), and hop in someone's convertable to drive out on the miles of straight roads just to feel the warm breeze in our faces. Much later in my life, I lived on the east coast, and my best friend had a convertable. We drove it around without scarves to feel the wind in our hair and enjoy all that nature has to offer. I have always loved convertables, but have never owned one. So, I guess I relate most with the convertable. I really like the whimsy of this little quilt. Love your creative mind.

Janet said...

That swinging girl up on the radio jiving to the music is me back in the day. I used to love to go to the bar and dance, dance, dance. I'd come home sore from dancing so hard. Cute quilt as always Em. How sweet Noah's comment about being "made" into an athlete.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love your posts
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Gill said...

Definitely not BBQ weather here in the UK Em! It's cold and wet!
My niece got married last month (it was cold for that too but thankfully dry!) and I made her a 'Garden Fence' quilt from my precious 'Heirloom' because that's what I hope the quilt will be!!

Mama Pea said...

I would LOVE a gift certificate to the Green Fairy. I'm actually working on a quilt that would be good for her, but I'm intimidated to send her anything. Would she accept one of my quilts?

I also love that you are going for balance and don't always respond to comments. I need to learn from you. I haven't been commenting as much lately, in part to decrease time on blogs. E. has been getting testy with me over it.

Who do I relate to in that quilt....well, the girl sitting on the boombox, of course. No lounging around for me (although I really related to the swear words over her head.....could you move those over the girl on the boombox?). That's me, partying up a storm, listening to the radio, dancing silly with E. :-)

Good luck to Noah. I'm sure he's making a great athlete!

Karen said...

The memory that jumped out at me immediately was seeing the man standing at the barbeque. Growing up in the 60's in upstate NY my dad did this several times a week in the summer. I can still smell the grill, remember sitting on the picnic table talking to him as we waited for dinner. I'm smiling :)..... So glad you're well and getting used to your new home.

Michele T said...

Ho boy! I can relate to the girl with the stripped legs sitting on the music box having a blast and enjoying the music of life!!

Diana and LaDonna said...

My husband grills year round, but the first thing that came to my mind was the plaid shorts that the man is wearing. My husband wears kilts and so I had to do a double look to see if that guy was wearing a kilt! Also, I can relate to the woman lounging b/c my husband does the cooking in our family and I sit at the bar watching!


Snoodles said...

I've been trying to work harder at that balance lately, too...I'm just catching up on some of my fav blogs. It's so hard when you feel like (and they tell you) they need you, and it's a lovely feeling to be needed, but --- I think I'm loving on that convertible! I'd love to jump in (and take them with me) and ride away to see new things, and leave old things behind for just a little while!!
I love the houseboat on the other post, too! Cute!
I wish I were a mouse afloat
In my little houseboat.
I'd keep it always squeaky clean
And never ever be mean.
I'd have time to quilt and sew
Wouldn't have to make my dough.
Independent wealth for me
So a stressless face is what they'd see.
Love you, Em!!

♥Duff said...

Ah well, that would be me, stretched out on the chaise lounge thinking "I love a man who has smokin' sausage!!"