Sunday, June 10, 2012

What was beautiful becomes personal....just insert people!

A sunset in Kirkland, beautiful and inspiring but no personal attachment.....Like a post that I title and give you a pic of quirky quilts imploring you to tell me stories.... Just as my boys bring life to this scene, so do your stories you leave with me on my blog. I have read and reread the quips you left for the giveaway and thank you! Why I connect and have fun seeing the fun that my quirky spin on quilting inspires. Who dares to be like my Tonyaesque LOVE block above and get caught in mid-somersault stance? If you find yourself inclined to get crazy, do it and leave me a note! or let it be something completely out of character and watch the person's face for a reaction, a fav doing of mine!!!!! Celebrating a quiet home while Roxy purrs.... my thoughts playing like a kitten with a ball of yarn bouncing down the stairs.....from you to you to me to you! These three teeny quilts are a riot to embellish with Roxy, something so cute about somethings that are so small. Like a onesy for a newborn...cute on a 8 pounder but no so cute on me! Conjures up a funny picture though! The exception to this visual is that large quilts are beautiful for me to behold but not to quilt with Roxy....and until Green Fairy is caught up...I am destined to make teeny! Now to quilt the sky and get attaching my teeny clothes and quilts...... Love, Em


Chris said...

Great post today! Your prose is as artfully "quilted" as anything done by Roxy :) Thank you for letting all of us feel like we know you - across the miles - hard to pin down what influences me! Little things I see, feel, people I love and care about, a beautiful day, a chance to reconnect with an old's all good!

Char said...

Hi Em!
I'd say color is what usually influences me. I love the quilt in the header today!

quiltzyx said...

Sometimes a random comment from a friend is just what is needed to inspire a quilt! That's just how my latest one happened. (The whole story is here:
And I did think of you when I was using my teeniest, sharpest scissors to cut around the cow's legs.... LOL