Saturday, June 30, 2012

A reunion of sorts! Kat, Stephanie, Nifty, Mary K.......

This post is about a whole lot of LOVE.....and the missing moments when your LOVE is put on the back burner for other LOVE.....At Second Nature we gave an assignment entitled, Mandala. It was having a person draw themselves then portion out their being and give name to each piece. I enjoy thinking about this as a meditation and the boundaries bend and fold depending on the day, moment or need. So it is with the LOVE I have for Blogland.....
Last night I had the delight of blog surfing while Noah was falling asleep.....Oh how I realized how quickly I can pass an hour or more with old friends and new! I also am reminded that when I blog surf that I want to make 5 new projects right then :)....can you relate? or even more fun, seeing your projects and celebrating their wonderFULLness....Below is my Muertos gift card I created yesterday for a dear couple who just had their one year anniversary and their wedding theme was Day of the Dead. Kathryn loves owls and they have a pet bird, Jim, hence hanging from the fiddle. And then I found a FABULOUS house quilt with Day of the Dead! Kat at is such a fun quilter and her blog is not one to miss! Hop over and CELEBRATE her fun!!!!The Day of the Dead quilt is a particular fav of mine and her text is wonderful!!!!!
Since last fall I have been a type of bubble that had me floating here and there but not real grounded with you, blog friends. Oh how I have missed visiting you but also noticed that my home life was free of the "Mom, are you looking at blogs again....Why can't you just watch tv without looking at blogs....Are you going to blog that too?...." Feeling torn, family became my focus and keeping the eye to making the goal of the move to the NW happen....we are here, we are settled and I am getting back. I have some catching up to do but my treats last night were oh so YUMMY!!!!!
X Marks the Spot....Hugs.....Cross my heart......Crosses galore in modern quilt designs and my fav....Memories of Grandma Eileen writing me letters and always ending with XOXOXOXO. Want to feel a hug of color envelope you? Visit for fabulous photos and quilt ditties woven for uplifting posts. Her fun little art quilts are a sure smile for you!
I can imagine that Nifty's inner clock chimed and chimed as she received an email from a wonderful quilter and also heard that all of her quilts were hung for display in a NW quilt shop. It was my TIME TO DANCE when she and I chatted this morning about going to see her quilts in the near future! A woman whose quilting gift and spunk is awe inspiring. is her fun neighborhood and it even has a pink retro toilet!!!! Because of Nifty, I got to spend the day with her and Gwen Marston CELEBRATING the tiny quilt.....SO FUN!
And this final photo is a child's drawing I loved.....It instantly reminded me of Mary Keasler's floral beauties that she creates! I could envision her taking this artpiece and making it her own. I think it is the sharp petals that were a particular reminder for me. She had some recent fun at a workshop. She is FIBERLISCIOUS at Get inspired each time you visit her! And it will be TIME TO DANCE when I hope to see her in August here in my NW land. Off to make my wonky stars, my old standby that I love to create. The top photo of my love blocks will be the star centers and shining above a wonky neighborhood...The text will be, "Written in the Stars" for a newlywed couple who are patiently waiting for their quilt.......Just not enough time but with what we are given, MAY WE CELEBRATE WHAT WE DO GET DONE AND ENJOY THE RIDE! Love, Em


♥Duff said...

Following Lindy Gruger Hanson's lead:
for dog smooches


magic in my hands

the hum of the computer

color combos in my mind


I lose weight-physical and material

to spend tomorrow quilting with a friend

The Right to Write
Julia Cameron

Em said...

Maxi D, u r my LOVE!!!! Rhe postcards keep arriving and I am so grateful to be a part of your journey! I did that nrar exact trip 25 years ago so it has been fun to draw on memories as u shared your times w me. When u see the pkg of Maxi Pads, think of me today!

Nifty Quilts said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your Northwest ride! We are so very happy to have you here. Sewing outside soon!!

quiltzyx said...

I was looking to match some white on white, and saw a fabric with fun women on it - and thought "EM!!!" And then some with little critters..."EM!!!". I really should buy a lottery ticket - can't play & win if I don't. Then I could be sending fabric whenever I wanted to! ;^)
Great LOVE blocks. & what fun - the DOTD time to dance!!
I remember drawing flowers with point petals, similar to the ones on the bulletin board.
OXO to you!