Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrating...... GIRLFRIENDS!!!!! (Next post down is the giveaway game, don't forget to enter!)

"I think he is looking at you......" giggle giggle, "Do I have food in my teeth?"

I wonder which is the Grandma and which is the grandchild?

Which pair is yours?

Each time I receive a comment on my blog or an email, I smile, or cry, or sit in reverie, or giggle and may do a combo of each. The above pictured cards both given and received are a CELEBRATION of GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!
I had to include the balloons........ The picture of the ladies on the bottom find the idea quite hysterical!


lesthook said...

That last one cracks me up! I picked up my granddaughter and her cousin from practice yesterday,one soccer and one softball, and they were starving. Well,a quick run through McDonalds and burgers and sodas turned into a belching contest on the way home! 15 yo girls! Can we see them at the age of the ones in that last picture?

Narelle said...

I hope I can be one of those three ladies in the bottom photo one day :o)

Tangos Treasures said...

OMGosh I so love that last picture!! I might have to snag it!! My DH calls me burpella!! I can burp better that him!! LOL

Vesuviusmama said...

I was just thinking to myself yesterday how much I love women and the relationships they build with each other.