Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duff describes today as a BLISSFUL MORNING!!!....The Owls are taking shape.....and Michael asked, "Why don't you come dance with me?"....

I love this card because it inspired me to think of what I can do to inspire children of all ages and who has said to me, "Em......why don't you......" Who do you think of.......?
Rick and Michelle's babe will soon be wrapped in this evolving Owl fun-ness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a morning! Duff describes it as "Blissful" and I feel reverence and awe as we watch Michael Jackson's "This is It" and Lego....

and wondering if he has taught God to Moowalk yet. Can't you just see the heavenly angels, our friends and family and Trinity doing dance rehearsal......?

To watch the dancers and Michael rehearse, I think of the movement in quilts and all of our sewing machines dancing to create a concert of BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether the allegations of abuse are true or not, not for me to judge but to CELEBRATE the legacy he left to the music world and the hope he instilled in so many youngsters that danced instead of doing drugs, suicide or followed the everyday path!!!!
THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............................................Life at its fine-ness!


ria vogelzang said...

Love life!!!!! Em, come and take a look at my blog. I gave you a sunshine-award! You being a Sunshine at all days deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep shining!! Love, Ria.

Vesuviusmama said...

I took the kids to see This Is It last month, and they wanted to go back every night that it was playing. As it is, they sing MJ on their karaoke machine and have MJ dance parties almost every day. They are big fans, and I hope they never understand the ugliness that tarnishes his legacy of unbelieveable talent.