Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Utah's desert is a rainy/snowy Wonderland.....A little stitchy spring for your day!

I am so excited to start the hand stitching on this quilt and hang in my office.  I love this MOMO line!


Judi said...

What a wonderful print. Always nice to have beautiful things up on our walls.

Bri!!! said...

Oh I love that print! Beautiful!

Patty said...

Hi Em, I wanted to tell you that I like your wall hanging. The middle is almost like looking out of a window. Will you show it when it's finished? How big is the center? I'm looking at it thinking "how could I make that into a larger quilt". I am celebrating a baby shower tomorrow for my daughter. Baby is due in July. I'm making a quilt out of a jungle print to match the baby's room. Hope you have a good weekend. Celebrate!