Friday, January 14, 2011

Kim and Shannon jumped on the wagon and come CELEBRATE their floats!!!!

A tattoo for your long arm....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! No mistaking this Millenium when the red curly swirls of the tattoo of the machine match her owner, Shannon's, tattoos and hair!  Do you wonder if the tattoo designs have found themselves in her own or commissioned pieces....I do.  Shannon, do tell!!!  Drop by and see the best friend of this Millenium at

And then my mind wonders, has this needle done a little tattooing of Shannon's hands when they were in a squabble....needles, tattoos, GET IT?!!!

How fun is this Swiss Army knife of Kim's?  I love the festive confetti that she is swimming in and the backdrop of teal and red compliments her pretty tattoed edge....In the old days this dear reliable friend of Kim's could travel with her..9/11 has impacted all of us from the very small to the very large losses.  Please drop by Kim's blog home at and CELEBRATE! 

As these wonderful celebrations have floated down the street in blogland I begin to think about it our sewing rooms become TOY STORY adventures when we are not around.....Do our pins dance on point, crochet needles fence, iron let off a little steam when the energy is overwhelming...Kinda fun to wonder...

and my BAH for Tonya's project....Kinda out there but was a riot to create!!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you making a buggy word?


♥Duff said...

totally love the machine and tool bling! You girls are too fun!!

the BAH looks very snarl-y! Tonya will love it!

Kim said...

BAH.......Tonya is gonna love it!

Well I don't know what my tools do when my back is turned but those little scraps are really up to something.....they just keep multiplying!

Thanks for the shout out Em........

Unknown said...

BAH rocks!!!!

Judi said...

Love the long arm