Saturday, January 8, 2011

La La La...Lady-bug.....Bah Bah Bah Lamb-bug..Hum a happy song!... "Ton" of fun coming up!

So many hints in the title of this post....

Have you guessed whose project I am CELEBRATING today with these new fabrics?

It is going to be a "TON" of fun watching the words arrive and play on a blog!

Another yummy hint...Godwink at the Liquor store!  Who will be the first to guess whose project I am loving and prepping for?

What project are you working on or prepping for?  

Anyone receive their neighborhood from Beth yet? I can't wait to see the quilts!!!!!

Thank you for the fun that is hosted on different blogs!

Love, Em


Needled Mom said...

I love the ladybugs!!!!! Sooo cute.

Tonya Ricucci said...

I know I know!!! ;-) Fun fabrics.

Andi said...

I was inspired too! Ideas are percolating :-)

♥Duff said...

Don't get ants in your pants when Pokey-mew and Humbugs too are calling you!

Kim said...

Tonya Tonya Tonya
author of "Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the Unruly Quilter"
And it is gonna be fun!

Happy sewing,
Bah Humbug!

Janet said...

Could it be??? Maybe??? I think it is!!! Tonya's Bah Humbug block challenge???? Made with bug fabrics???

Amy said...

I am so excited! I can not wait to see your letters,Amy

Vesuviusmama said...

Yeah, I saw that on her blog yesterday, and ideas are percolating... (you'll understand the percolating choice of words once I go home and post today...)

Mary said...

Wonderful post.
And of course I can't wait to see what you will come up with.