Monday, January 10, 2011

Magnetic Mantra for Monday....

A giggle this morning as I grabbed my wallet from my purse, "There you are, Mr. Needle!"  I was looking everywhere last night for a needle to finish my appliquing.  Organic home is complete and off to the quilter...SO EXCITED!  I played around with gold thread for the quilting and it is the perfect touch...Something spiritual about golden stitching a halo on Mary! 

You know you are a quilter when you......... (fill in the blank dear readers in  the comment box) find a needle on the magnet in your nurse bag or safety pins in your coffee holder in the car....

"When the magnet doesn't attract the needle, the fault lies in the dirt that covers up the needle."
-Sri Sathya Sai  Baba

May you be a magnet for joy and creativity today and throw a CELEBRATION in just for fun!  The more joy, the quicker the pinwheel spins! 

Love, Em


Dresden Quilter said...

Your children find an ironing board in a hotel room, and say look Mom you can do quilting here!

♥Duff said...

(Excuse me while I calm myself down after reading Dresden quilter's comment! that is hilarious!!)

...are envious of your friend's kitchen island because your mambo-sized cutting mat would fit perfectly on it!

em's scrapbag said...

Love your plan for the day! Doing my best to live it.

quiltzyx said... take pictures of that awesome quilt design - on the floor or walls of a fast food restaurant!

Vesuviusmama said... look forward to long waits in airports and doctors' offices because it means more time to sit and stitch.

Vesuviusmama said... have to explain to a complete stranger why you are staring at their (boobs, behind, etc), "Oh, I don't mean to be rude, it's just that I am a quilter and that fabric would be GREAT in a project I am planning!"

Vesuviusmama said... marvel at a co-quilter's fake breast(after masectomy) and how perfect a pincushion it is. (I'm not joking - there's a quilter in our guild who uses her fake breast as a pincushion - while she is wearing it! - and we are all envious.)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You know you are a quilter when you are actually glad that football is on because it means you get to get some more sewing time in.

Erin- your answers are great!!!!!

Unknown said...

You know you are a quilter when you look back at the last ten years and realize your many vacations started out as a desire to see "THAT" quilt shop/ quilt show!!!!

Also...when you realize that the thread bits on the lady walking in to the grocery store with you are not a sign of dirtiness just that she must be a quilter!

LOVE being a magnet for joy! I just finished reading MArtha Beck's book the Joy Diet and it rings so true!!!!!!!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Hey Em, would you be interested in my block swap in my chatroom? I have room for three more people and I invited some of my best buds and thought of you too! West Michigan Quilter has her samples on her cute! They go quick and would make an awesome quilt!

Patty said...

......when you cannot walk around your quilt room bare footed
.........when your children know they cannot use your sewing scissors for anything
......when your children know that a quilt is never called a "blanket"