Friday, June 17, 2011

Of all the places to find........

Are you thinking what I am thinking....."Has anyone ever thought to create a fabric line PATTERNED after the design magnificence of Vegas?"....Mosaic floor in the Wynn.......

Funny how when we go to Vegas it is a feast for the eyes and CELEBRATION of architecture and color and fabulous shopping for.....


Do you look at this tattoo of my husbands and see the many free motion quilt designs you could emulate....You know how much I love spirals and feathers!

Pink pigs are next time I am told :).


I am not making this the waiting room of tattoo shop Studio 21....charm necklace and bracelet with a featherweight Singer, scissors and thread...I could have fallen over and of course, what did I say...."Sean and Mom, you are not going to believe this Godwink!"


A type of selvage for this tattoo artist's ride...Kinda creative isn't it?  I love that it is a verb...


Look at all of the wonky designs within the painting that could be quilt piecings! hmmmmmmm!

Is this really happening to me...I have a vulgar mouth at times so of course I look at Mom and smile huge and say, "No way! GODWINK!!!!!!"

Amidst quiet stillness of a room without casino, within  simplicity of our room at the Trump is the beauty of a book on top....

 "The Poetry of Solitude": A Tribute To Edward Hopper

and the first picture to illustrate a poem by John Updike is
"Girl at Sewing Machine, 1921"

yep!  Featherweight Singer.......!!! 

(I am not making this up!)

The smaller, older Girl at a Sewing Machine
shows her pale profile obscured by her hair
at work beneath an orange wall while sky

in pure blue pillars stands in a window bay
She is alone and silent. The heroine
of Hotel Room, down to her slip, gazes

at a letter unfolded upon her naked knees
Her eyes and face are in shadow  The day
rumbles with invisible traffic outside

This room where a wall is yellow, where
 a bureau blocks our way with brown and luggage
stands in wait of its unpacking near

a green armchair sun-waried, Thirties plush
We have been here before.  The slanting light.
the woman alone and held amid the planes

of paint by some mysterious witness we're
invited to breathe beside.  The sewing girl,
the letter. Hopper is saying, I am Vermeer.

I hope that this Post has invoked an emotion, a moment of reverie....And as I finish typing the train outside our window is faint....Just another reminder of how much I miss Grandpa and how he worked his career with the railroad....Grief, sure can sneak up on a person when beginning this post, I was celebrating mosaics and now I.......have a little sting in my nose and a prayer to God of gratitude!

Love, Em


Tangos Treasures said...

Love U!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love how you SEE wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Not just see but SEE . . . love it.


Lynette said...

oh, wow! How cool!! :D So, I never thought of tattoos and quilts as relatives before, but yesterday I saw an officer chastising the gal he'd pulled over at our neighborhood entrance, and he had some serious, joyous, pretty, tattooing on his arms, and what popped in my mind, but "Cool! He's got Em-quilt arms!" ;D

Char said...

Amazing post! Love the tattoo and John Updike was one of my favorites when I was in school. Love to the family Em, enjoy Vegas!

Unknown said...

Hmmm (featherweight) wonder what the (featherweight) message is? :) I love the quilting in the header quilt and LOVE the triangular border on the quilt to the right with the tabasco border!

Vesuviusmama said...

I swear, godwinks follow you around like puppies!

Judi said...

I love Godwinks! Had one when a good friend told me she was thinking about me today!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I like how your mind runs free....and takes pleasure in your travels....a wonderful gift.


Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Hope you and your family have a wonderful day celebrating Dad!
Jacque in SC

Mama Pea said...

Love this post. I didn't realize you went to Vegas for tattooin'. That's awesome. Lloyd said he thought the one on Sean's arm looked pretty fresh. Love it. I have a pretty bad mouth on me sometimes, too. Guess that's why we get along so well. So wonderful seeing you today....really. Just made my week! Thank you so much for dinner, inspiration, and friendship! I am fortunate to know you. Every time I read one of your blog posts, I just smile and feel uplifted. Thank you! Sweet Pea loves her quilt and toys! You are so sweet!

Oh, and I meant to tell Sean Happy Father's Day. Please pass along the word for me!

Sandra Henderson said...

Doesn't get much clearer than this