Friday, June 24, 2011

You light up my life!.....and fmq novice tip #3

I just couldn't stop last night!  Mom was having a riot making wonky stars and we had a house full of laughter as the boys were being boys!....My novice tip #3 for fmq is Master the is so versatile.  I love when quilts have a POP! or raised areas.  In this photo I am hoping the black and white shows the quilting better than color.  Pebbling the white petals mimicked the polka dota and rasied the scalloped petals.  Rippled around the large floral center and VOILA! not time consuming and very simple.  Just like the center block....he he he!  More to come....And...I am so excited, Lynn aka BIG GIRL PANTS is working on a gift quilt that she is fmq-ing....Can't wait to share a photo!

I wonder the hours spent trying on dresses for this fairytale wedding and the seamstress' story whose dress was chosen....I love that I never saw this couple up close so that a sense of curiousity and anonymity is mine.  May the lights forever twinkle in their eyes for one another.  Barb, this photo is dedicated to you and your daughter's wedding this weekend, may it be a time of memories, love, and CELEBRATIONS!!!!!

Do you think that the MGM Casino/ resort knows what this Ad is asking of us?  Who is up to the challenge.....CELEBRATING, knowing when you are overwhelmed and just want to lie on your bed and listen to music, don the Big Girl Pants and try something that is scary or.........

What is your "M" today?

Love, eM


Lynette said...

oh, how pretty is that? Trees looking all lit up with little fairy lights - a gorgeous wedding setting, indeed. :)

My machine broke! Gah! Sapphira needs a new needle holder before I can finish my quilt and do some HOWLING, but never fear, I am keeping my pants on. ;D Tackling a huge BOM task that has been intimidating me for who knows what reason. It is happening NOW. hehe.

Judi said...

That's easy my letter M is for Michael my TDH (Tall/Dark/Handsome) Love him. I have to try the pebbles.