Thursday, July 15, 2010

CELEBRATING advertisments...Are you MAKING love today?

Some nights I just get too excited to start my day...Roxy and I played before dawn to create this suprise love card for Sean for when he awakens....

Happy Valentine's Day! 

(February seems so far away....)

The advertisements on this care are from the SUNSET magazine and turned out really fun.  Below are closeups.
Are you making love today?

I love this line, "A handful of your hearts desire." next to a very large bowl of nuts. 

But remember, size doesn't matter....

Love to you on this Thursday!  Thank you for visiting my post today.  Now spread the love!!!!!

(And to think that Trevor said that quilting is "anything but sexy!")


Vesuviusmama said...

Trevor, what does HE know!?!

Judi said...

Where or where do you find all your fabulous fabrics with words? Love it. Trevor doesn't own a quilt that's why he doesn't know what sexy is.