Monday, July 12, 2010

Speaking of leaving the nest....Want to clip his wings selfishly but know it's not about me...

Never gets easier.....Saying Good-bye until the next visit....What a joy to have 2 children in such different age categories yet the closest I could ever dream of!!! Pic is perfect of their relationship.

Up with SP at 4:30 AM and grateful to take care of Malleck while he showered. 

Ever scared by what you see in the mirror?....Malleck discovered a friend or foe in the reflection of the sliding glass door and needed some calming....What a sweetie and a whole new world seen through puppy eyes. 

And now for the next parenting role in another hour when Noah awakens...... listening to Noah and loving him as he talks of sadness with his bro and the pup gone back home.....Wouldn't trade how I did the spacing but definitely a heartbreaker as we all struggle with good-byes each visit. 

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