Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spike and Cosmo quickly learned that "Auntie" spoils them!

I can't tell if this horse is Spike or Cosmo :)  Looking at their photo below, what do you think?
I couldn't believe that I found a quilting pattern on the long arm of horses!

This quilt will forever be a favorite of mine that I made after my first visit to Aaron's ranch a couple of years ago.  Huge pinwheels that were so simple to make and so fun to see when I come and visit.  Most memorable part of that first trip was Grandpa with us and me riding Cosmo through drifts of snow....I miss you, Grandpa!  Speaking of Grandpa, when I arrived yesterday with my fabric project and clothes in a box, Aaron said, "Grandpa would call this Polish Samsonite." How often we CELEBRATE his memory!!!!

Auntie role is the best!  I have been on the ranch for 12 hours and literally have Spike and Cosmo "eating out of my hand".  The magic treat...Apple Bites.  I cannot wait to let them out of the corral later to see them run freely and then roll around in the dirt to get the itches- GORGEOUS AND FUN!!!!

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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