Saturday, July 10, 2010

CELEBRATING the "St. Francis Assisi's" of the world

A favorite painting of mine in Sean's man cave of the patron saint of animals.

 In 1224 St. Francis Assisi wrote "The Canticle of the Sun" in which he thanks God for Brother Fire and Sister Water and a praise of creatures.  Thought to be one of the first works of literature written in Italian.  Do you wonder why I review this fabulous man? and eyes are moist with tears with a Godwink that interrupted this post?  .

I took the above photo, walked into my laundry room where I am typing and the phone rang...Group 1...Tim.  Remarkable about this phone call is that I was speaking of him last night with a friend of his loss of his dog this past year when he fell out of a truck.  Yesterday another pup in my Entrada family was seriously injured after being accidentally drug behind a car down the road and was loved by a dear vet....he will be ok.....

As Tim spoke to me of a client's eye and not wanting to wear glasses, I was distracted and told him of my post and the love I was sending last night as I grieved for his loss of his dog and a dear prayer for Cassidy. A moment that reminds me of the CELEBRATION of friendship both in time of giggles and grieving.

I CELEBRATE the "St. Francis'" of this world who have careers in helping animals, people offering their homes as rescue shelters, the magnitude of love at BEST FRIENDS SANCTUARY, and the businesses that offer dog cookies at their banks, drive up windows and delivery drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for putting your heart out there!

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Sandra Henderson said...

You are living right! You hear God all the time.... and then proceed to shar with us and I think it's just all so amazingly wonderful!
You know, God speaks to all of us. However, we don't always hear him. Or choose not to. Or have other priorities. But you take it a step farther and use his voice to pass along his love.
Love ya EM!~Thanks for being YOU! XO
Oh, and what a beautiful work of art! thank you for telling me at St. Fancis Assisi...