Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today is that "SOMEDAY".....Knight and Day, you are the one!

What a lovely finale to the weekend, Malleck and SP falling to sleep on the couch with Sean and me finishing the top for Halloween Village after a fabulous date night with Sean at the movie.  He golfed at a spectacular golf course in 105 degree heat today while I took the twins and fam to dog park, boy can the little heads get sweaty!!!!!!!!!

My favorite line from the movie tonight was today is "SOMEDAY". So....If you have said that "someday I will do that for myself or a special loved one or a secret wonderful person..." The time has come to have fun!!!

I love to push the limits when my work is quiet and I am returning to the office in  a few hours SO....I looked at Roxy tonight and said, R u in- Let's Quilt this thang!!!!

Left side of Halloween village
Right side of Halloween village...

and when Roxy has done her job I'll be excited to CELEBRATE the finished item with you all.  The look on my friends' face when they get this will be very fun!!!!


Sandra Henderson said...

What a FUN, FUN quilt! wow!
So glad the boys had a great time...

Tonya Ricucci said...

what an absolute hoot - very very fun.