Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heads, Tails, Pastels and....DOTS and Bacon! I get a little nutty with the holidays!

Happy Halloween!  I have a little game to start this fun holiday Sunday.....When you see the below photo who's blog do you think of with the title of her most recent post....I love her blog and had to CELEBRATE it first thing this morning when I saw this box of candy!  Leave it in the comment when you know who it so, so others can visit her! I will post the wonderful quilt artist tomorrow!

The village is coming together and I am having so much fun.  And yep, Miss Duff and I are on the same wavelength....She advised, "Make some Hoochy Mama flowers for the border...."  That is the plan!  And who is Miss Duff? you ask....visit her and see for yourself why I love this woman! at

Roxy is hooked on machine applique and I almost feel like we are cheating not piecing and yet so fun! are about to see the cutest twins ever!!!!!!! OK, Auntie Em is in love and partial!!!!!! 

Yep!  Here they are in all of the ferocious cuteness!  They are such happy little monsters!

Sometimes I wonder what I enjoy more, their love together or that Noah is so happy to dote on the little ones and does not exhibit jealousy when they take over the house with their cuteness!  I continue to thank God for dear Noah, what a blessing he is in my life!

Noah and the buddies.....How is he getting so old....?


ria vogelzang said...

Totally you but then in pastels!!! Pretty amazing!
Just go on building and gardening........ it will be a great neigbourhood!
;))), Ria.

Tangos Treasures said...

OMGosh the twins are too cute!!
The pastels are looking great!

Blogless me said...

Never before have pastels been so alive and kicking! And the kids rock - all of them!

♥Duff said...

The twins are monstrously delicious! You're right--Noah is looking so big (and happy♥).
As afar as the neighborhood goes, I really like the brown intersecting lines (roads?). How about adding a border of wonky/hoochy mama flowers?

Hope your day is full of Halloween treats and family fun!

Vesuviusmama said...

The twins are adorable, and you take pastels to a whole new level! Wow! Loving it!

Nifty Quilts said...

Those monsters are adorable! And your brown sashing is brilliant. This is NOT a pastel quilt anymore! Thanks for directing us to Duff's site. Her wonky flowers in the header are awesome!

Char said...

I think it's V at Bumble Beans. The color comparison is great!

The twins are adorable, love the costumes and they're growing so fast.

Em said...

Char, I love that you would guess miss V in that I love her and her art....but....this artist in the game is not V....rhymes with the letter though!

maree said...

Well - I'm picking it must be the funky Ms L from Nifty Quilts (who cheekily has commented up above... teehee) cos she has a superdeduperdy dotty quilt featured on her blog that I went dotty over. AND those twins... well what to say but they are sure lucky to have a cousy like Noah. Ciao

Em said...

Maree- Winner WInner Chicken Dinner- IT IS NIFTY QUILTER! Very nice!!!!!