Sunday, October 31, 2010

And look what a treat from my sis!

Who says that one needs to be in person to say "trick or treat" and receive a lovely something?  Up popped this photo from my sis, Sharon, and the colors are delicious!!!!!  She is such an amazing artist!

The colors of the fabrics remind me of the DOTS candy package in the next post and also the Starburst quilt by V and Tonya featured on
How fabulous to have a quilt pic that is reminiscent of sugar lovelies on this Halloween Day!

CELEBRATING SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!  and I will get to hug her in person in 2 weeks!!!!!!


maree said...

Em I can't believe what a talented fabricy family you come from!!! That 'treat' is delicious .... I would say it is almost, almost better than candy:)

Judi said...

Happy Halloween to you!

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt, Babita. It is so rewarding that both you and Em have surpassed me in so many ways!! Love, Mamita