Thursday, October 28, 2010

Six Winners! Sometimes I can't choose just one!!!!!

"Well it's like this grandson......." 

I love this photo and knowing the kindness and wisdom of Grand-dad, I can imagine he was advising my DH about happiness in life....

And so the wisdom of Grand-dad rings true so many years later as I wanted more than one winner for yesterday's contest.  Too much fun sharing happiness!

......For those of you that played the Find the Mustang Quilt yesterday, I have emailed you CONGRATS for winning $25.00 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts fabric on-line shop.  I will get you a code shortly for your shopping delight! 

And to those of you that sent me notes during my day in the wilderness yesterday, I hope you enjoyed the photos of our journey together!!!!

If only the grand coyote had not run so quickly, I would have gotten photo for all!

Love, Em

PS  I promise a quilt will be showing up soon on this blog....such a busy week with work and fam!!!


Jenny said...

you are so amazing em! and generous! lots of happiness indeed!

ria vogelzang said...

Just enjoy everything you are doing!! 8D
That should bring you lots of joy.....!!! ;))
Love, Ria.

maree said...

Em it was sooooo much fun opening photos yesterday and getting updates - I had wee giggles scattered through an otherwise hohum much for my "it's all about me" mantra. But the Fun Bus ride put a sparkle in my Thursday (remember I'm a day ahead). You are a treasure, or as we say in Maori a 'taonga'. Hope today is a little more relaxing for you cos you were up before the birds yesterday girl!!!!!!! Ciao

Judi said...

Love the fun bus even with no prizes. Thanks for everything!