Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Mantra- LOVE THE Life you Live

This morning I am playing around with my Da Vinci's FEMALE HEAD painting interpretation of below child's interp.  I plan to quilt the face in hopes that the features will soften. 

A second grader from East Washington Academy from the book, Vincent Van Gogh's Cat....The child's interp of Da Vinci's FEMALE HEAD painting.

This block is part of my children's quilt CELEBRATING their winning book.  More paintings available if you are wanting to play with me and contribute.

And then I was wondering what should I embellish her simple blouse with?  For dress rehearsal....Monday's Mantra pendant-


When I visit the petstore today for her nametag, What name would you choose for this kitty?

Love, Em

Happy Monday, What is your Mantra?


Lynn said...

Since the cat is orange the name Morris comes to mind, from the old commercials. Although maybe there are still Morris commercials on TV now, I don't know since I only watch stuff from Netflix these days and there aren't any commercials.

Mary Keasler said...

Very cool interpretation. Love the hair! How about naming the cat Leo, short for Leonardo?

quiltzyx said...

The first name that popped into my mind was 'Nardo! (With or without the "!")

The 2 pets I named were not 'usual' names - my dog was Jensen, after the Jensen Healey sports car, and my cat was Zzyzx, named after the road in the California high desert. ;^)

♥Duff said...

hmm...i guess it depends on if you like people names for animals or not. how about Zest--as in orange zest, or porange because that would make one thing that rhymes with orange, or Florence because she's floral, or Orion because of the constellations on the collar, or Shadow because it seems to be in a shadow. And don't cross "fish breath" off the list too quickly. ♥