Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CELEBRATING your birthday!

Roxy finished off the birthday card last night and somehow even knew how to spell my name and Tiffany's.   She is a saucy little girl!  This quilt card is for my dear assistant, TIffany, but.....I wanted to post in case it is your birthday or someone's birthday that is dear to you!  Just pretend that "Tiffany" is an exotic word for CELEBRATION!  Don't you love making up rules to fit the context of your life!?


Erin said...

You truly are amazing, do you know that? Only 22 days til my birthday, so I'll come back and look at this gorgeous card then, too! ♥

Judi said...

Love it! Want to make one soon as I can get to my fabrics.

Sandra Henderson said...

How beautiful! Happy Birthday Jesus! :)
Happy BIrthday Ethan! He will be 6 months soon and is coming to see his granny on Aug 1st!!!! :)