Monday, December 14, 2009

Bikinis on a quilt, how can you go wrong!

I created this funky colorful quilt in honor of my awesom Mom who is my inspiration. It hangs on her doorway to her room where she resides when staying with us. "Free for all" when she is around in all senses of the phrase! I term it Bahama Mama but not sure why since it is in honor of her escapades in Mexico. I had Judi quilt bikinis, margarita glasses, and she added agave plants, palm trees and much much more. For detailed pictures of the quilting, go to and check out the blogs from the summer. I think around summer it was posted and is marvellous. The pattern is my own creating and the wonky daisies are not my creation but one from a pattern. Houses are my own interp of Freddy Moran's houses. She is one of my heroes!!!!!!!!!!! Check out her stuff for fabulous ideas. You will see her inspiration in a lot of my work.

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