Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a "Fresh day" it was as Noah predicted 12 hours ago....

Since I love to celebrate the littles and bigs of life, today's worship service was HUGE wonderfulness about Grace. Thought my UFO of my Mary's would be nice to add to this post. While listening and singing, I could not help but wish I could ask God how he was able to know of his son's death and the pain. It is not fathomable to me who is a mother of 2 boys. A father's sacrifice I will never fathom but always be humbled by.

And after a celebration of the true Christianity of this time of year, bags galore were mine to tackle. I think they are way too fun to make, so thank you, for all being willing to accept my selfish excuse to make them. More to come tomorrow, but pictured are the current ones.

Notice the Chicken line of fabric, found yesterday and am so nuts with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO many hilarious quotes and funky chicken expressions! I have eggs and chicken wire left over from last year's Easter time and can't wait to make a huge wonky silly hen thing!

HOpe your day was fresh in your own chosen way!!!!!!!!!!!

Em aka Bag Lady for today.


arlette said...

Wow, I love your Mary's quilt and I love to see it finished, it's gorgeous!, is the fabric a panel?, I'm just wondering. The Chicken line of fabric, is too cute, look at their eyes!, lol, it's too cute!, I have a log cabin hen on my blog

ria vogelzang said...

Love your Mary's quilt and also your thought about it. I've also often wondered about how she must have felt to see her son at the cross.....
God has a great plan for this world and we can only see a little bit of it. I'm so impressed by His greatness!!
Have a wonderful day!
p.s. your bags looks great! ;0)

Tangos Treasures said...

Nice bags!
Quilt is beautiful also!
Our Church service was awesome too!!

Em said...

Tango, do you have a specific line you have had your eye on, checking in before I buy the fabric tomorrow otherwise I'll surprise you. Thought of you today at the post office.

Bri!!! said...

I so agree about not being able to imagine the pain of God watching his son suffer. I also often think about Mary and how she brought this child into the world knowing his purpose. I cannot comprehend the pain she went through as she watched her son be crucified. There were many who sacrificed much for his ultimate sacrifice. Wow, it's all too amazing. Merry Christmas sweet lady.

Clare said...

Hi Em,

I've replying to your mail about Liberated Quilters. As you know, the ring is closed, but the fun continues at the Yahoo group. Click on the link on my blog or on the LQ blog and I'mm approve your membership asap.