Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Em Celebrates Analiese's amazing "gift"...her talent!

I remember going into a scrapbook store last year and thinking, "this is quilting using paper......!"

Analiese, a wonderful friend at work, has outdone herself and given me some gifts I wanted to celebrate with you! The time that has gone into these are amazing and to think that I am only one of many lucky recipients that she created for. Very humbling!!!

A fun story behind these cards.... A month ago I hit a large deer while doing medical visits in the field for my job and did a lot of damage to the company truck. The following week, Analiese was my driver to the different groups for the med visits. She created these cards while waiting for me in her truck in the middle of nowhere and fresh snow blessing the beauty! She and I were laughing at one time because we were driving on an untread area thinking that it was a road simply because it didn't have bushes or trees. What a job and so adventurous!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Analiese and celebrate your giving and awesomness!!!!!!!!!!!! Em

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