Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is this Love Warrior!

Saturday morning I awoke with an email that was an early Christmas gift from an inspiration of mine, Mary Lou Weidman. She had enjoyed my newest wacky circus quilt and posted on her blog site! I was so honored and excited that I was giggling and kicking my legs and gyrating my arms while still in bed. I am a working fool, and keep my Blackberry by the bed. Got out of bed, sat in my nook and began to peruse Mary Lou's book about Angels. The Love Warrior in the painting admired the book also. Makes me think of the "Night at the Museum" and I wonderf if the art wants to come to life. So, here's the photo of the quilt and it is at Judi's now waiting to be quilted by her magic touch!

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