Sunday, September 26, 2010

Come Celebrate Color Country with me! Wilderness Safari!!!

Welcome to a peek at my past 30 hours of life in Southern Utah!  We have been on a wildlife safari and what a beautiful world God has given us.  Surprising an elk herd, deer jumping in front of our Rhino and lounging in meadows, antelope everywhere and the cherry on the top- Bighorn sheep on the drive home in Zion National Park.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

I love camping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we came up to the herd, it was only females.  Soon the male pictured above came out of the grove of trees and herded all 3 groups of females into the trees.  Fabulous to watch nature at work!

I love love seeing trees and flowers growing out of sandstone.  Always amazing to me.

Bryce is so wonderful because it mixes desert and forest, so much fun riding through this stream in the Rhino.

A favorite game of Harley's- dipping his head under the water and coming up with boulders.  He may be 13, but I think we have another birthday coming up next year together!

I see this photo and I become baby is old and yet he acts like a puppy when I remind him of old games we have played over the years.  When at the lakes, he forgets he is blind and old......

My little hot-dogger!  He and Carson worked hours on making different jumps in the campground while Sean and I chatted, read and created quilt blocks.

First girly block for a little wonky neighborhood baby quilt.  So fun to create while camping!

Thank you for playing with me and happy Sunday!

Love, Em


Janet said...

I love the wild...and your's looks awesome!

Clare said...

Great photos.

Vesuviusmama said...

What wonderful photos! I really should go to bed, but had to peek to see what you've been up to since I've been on the road. You know, I had a black lab for 13 or 14 years who used to dig/bite big rocks out of the water, too! Is it a lab thing?