Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ta Da! Sportin' the Minnie Ears while Celebrating!

Such a wonderful weekend for me and the family and I hope that you too found some CELEBRATIONS along the journey!  Whether your weekend was filled with heartache or joy, please know that this bouquet of flowers I send to you!

 (I promise this is the last photo I post of this quilt...)

Erin wrote earlier asking if I do anything halfway.... and this is my response...

My husband's construction company's motto is "NEVER HALF ASSED" 
(A mantra of his hero his Grand-dad)

....I like the ring it has!

And with that note, Happy Sunday evening and may this be a fabulous week for us all.

Love, Em


Char said...

Happy Happy Monday morning Em. I love what you and Roxy have done with this quilt! Congratulations on following the pattern. I'm sure it will give you much joy as it hangs in your office!

Judi said...

Happy Day! Are you close to the fires? Are they near your clients? I hope you and your family are safe. Love you!

♥Duff said...

Simple and stunning. Your energy flows through everything you do!

Judi said...

Thanks for thinking about me. It's getting easier. The new owner just sent me a message that she is doing great.

Vesuviusmama said...

Love the quilt, love the motto!