Monday, September 20, 2010

No wonder I loved this license plate!

I saw this license plate and thought, where is the microphone...."Testing 1 2 3, testing.  Could I pls meet the person who is havnfun?"  I automatically loved them!  But of course, me being the reticent shy woman that I am, I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING SO ZANY!

Seeing this fab license plate yesterday reminded me that I need to get a vanity plate, SO FUN!!!!

What would I have on it?   Ideas????

Do you have a vanity plate or a fav bumper sticker, if so, PLS SHARE!!!

Could be a fun little 15 minute project for a mini art piece....hmmmmmmmm!

May this LICENSE PLATE be on your bumper today!


Judi said...

Yours would be Wonky. Why did you have to ask? LOL

♥Duff said...


Tangos Treasures said...

LOL you shy??? I find that hard to believe!!

ria vogelzang said...

We also have a special license plate..... but that came with the car....!!!
It's 33-DP-LV
The moment I saw it; I knew it.....
33 was the years our Lord walked on our earth
DP means in Dutch: By Pain (Door Pijn)
LV ..............: ans Suffering Redeemed (en Lijden Verlost)
So you know our car can never be changed for another car or we loose the licenseplate......
Have Fun today!!! I know I will!!!!
Love, Ria.

maree said...

Em - you would love my number plate . I have a bright yellow VW bug and the number plate is GRTFUN. She is my baby!!!!!Ciao

Patty said...

Yours would have to be CELEBRATE