Saturday, September 11, 2010

Celebrating my dad this you ever sit and just think of someone special in your life?

My father is a very eccentric loving man who taught me the value of art, education, God and the art of physical exercise.  He was the original scrap booker and tonight I celebrate him as I sit in reverie and gratitude for his example and am saddened for children who will not know their father due to death in 911, the war, drugs, circumstances.

Growing up, it was common to find him riding his Mary Poppins bicycle to the hardware store and carryiing home 2 x4's on his shoulder, weekends were spent cheering him on in ultra races and he was always the one to hug me when I was sad.  A great man!

A goal, make this into Lazy Gal quilting words someday for him....

Monday evenings were spent as a family reviewing Newsweek articles and other news items that would best enhance our learning.  And read a classic and you earned $10.00.  Harvard educated and dreamt of me following in his footsteps, I spent a summer there and that was all I needed to know that it wasn't for me.

A favorite photo of mine.  My father has just completed the Coppenhagen marathon and is pictured in a newspaper and the reflection is of my brother as we admired the article.  I love this photo portraying a son's study of his father.

How retro is this.  My dad has decorated his house with theme areas and this is one.  I needed some these threads tonight!

A great man who is known as Grandpa Noah remarked as a toddler years ago, "Grandpa Ye is a good man , we love him all of the time!"


Judi said...

I hope Noah knows how blessed he is to know his Grandpa. Love to you and yours!

Janet said...

Your father sounds like a wonderful man. His soul is reflected in you. I can feel your love for him.

Bri!!! said...

Your Dad is an ultra runner? That's CRAZY, and awesome. You definitely got the genes girl!

Jenny said...

loved this post em...your dad is too cool.

pratima said...

This is such a sweet post... Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories! :)