Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"TO"osday is "TO"nya Day!!!! Book released today! Along with ZEST...add a whole lot of LOVE!

My first attempt at following in Tonya's footsteps this past fall.  "TO"day I CELEBRATE "TO"nya's book release, Word Play Quilts, and will shortly announce the lucky winners of her book for my giveaway!

Kim found me this morning and I am so excited she share her story of "LOVE"!  She is the creator of the LOVE block on the front cover of Tonya's book so head over to http://pokeytown3.blogpsot.com/ and CELEBRATE her debut with Tonya.  And if you are familiar with my blog...you know how excited I was to open the below photo and see a redhead!

And I am LOVEing the idea of announcing the first of 3 winners from my giveaway.......AMY is my first winner and I will be announcing 2 more throughout the day...I love to CELEBRATE all day long!!!!  Congrats Amy with the Toy Hauler....Email me your address!

Love, Em


Tonya Ricucci said...

these letters are so fab and wild - I love them!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Orange Zest is GREAT! Here's to much joy and success for Tonya and her amazing work!!!!!

Sujata Shah said...

My favorite ingredient! In a quilt or while baking!

Amy said...

I love them..I finished Christmas today .. in honor of Tonya!!