Friday, December 17, 2010


I couldn't stay away friends!  Sean created a vacation that we will never forget and the people I am meeting are incredible, their stories are so fun!

JOY is my Friday!!!

If you see this little red felt bag when at Starbucks, very fun to decorate with your own wonky festive spirit!  Can't wait to gift to my assistant with a little art piece that I need to quilt while traveling home on Monday.  Love to you all!  And don't you find the little Christmas lights hanging from the roof so darn cute!?

Noah loved collecting kelp scultpures on the San Diego beach and seemed wonderful to turn into our family Christmas portrait.  I love the Shaman quality of their earthy shape.

And to see Noah's face when Sean let him know that we had field side tickets to his fav football team, San Diego Chargers.....A moment I will never forget as  he was speechless...I loved the Charger girls of course!  And to be there in person to CELEBRATE the spanking of the 49ers was incredible!

Such symbolism of parent child relationship, Dad carries the surfboard and Noah has it connected to his ankle....Noah's first day surfing in the ocean and he rode wave after wave....A gifted surfer, guess his dad passed down the gene and I was screaming and dancing over and over as I watched him riding the waves!!

Tomorrow......I can't wait to share photos, I am in the land of magic tonight!

Love, Em


Vesuviusmama said...

Speaking of "couldn't stay away", I had just a few moments before I have to get ready for karate testing this morning (2nd degree brown belt, here I come!) and of course, the thing I thought to do in those moments was check in on you! Looks like a marvelous vacation! That's a lucky assistant to have such a beautiful, creative, generous person to work with (YOU!). Have a happy day!

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