Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Celebrating Plaid!

When wearing my plaid for med visits to the field, I think of you all who love thrift shops and the treasures you celebrate on your blog!  If you feel so inclined, CELEBRATE by leaving a comment of your favorite plaid item!  And snow seems kind of Christmasy!

Char from ClothStitched graciously sent me a photo of her favorite purse and I love that she titiled the jpg as "special".  Goes so nicely with my jacket!   

Anyone else giggle to see what the purse is sitting on as it poses for photo-shoot!  I can always tell a "dyed-in-the-wool" quilter when the blue cutting board is a part of the photo!!!

Keep the photos coming of your plaid fun-ness! 


Jenny said...

oh wow...i just loved a wool plaid coat i wore of my grandpas my entire sophomore year in college (well just during winter) it was hunter green and maize yellow plaids best i can remember...must look for it hanging in my dads closets somewhere! i love plaid!!

Amy said...

I love my plaid flannel sleep pants, purple plaids at that! I wear them for sewing,shopping,lounging.I go for comfort here.

Char said...

I had a wool plaid coat in college back in the 70's that I loved.It was one of the first things I bought with my own money. Right now I have a plaid handbag that I carry this time of year.

quiltzyx said...

I don't use plaid much, but I do love a tartan plaid kilt on a guy with great legs! ;^)

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Growing up I had a favorite wool plaid pleated skirt that I just loved. I was very sad when I out grew it :( It was a green and blue plaid - my two favorite colors!