Sunday, December 5, 2010

Clare's Countdown Celebrates..... Tonya!!!! CELEBRATE the CELEBRATER!

Clare is so gifted with creating the word quilt and I have so enjoyed her coutdown of Tonya's book release and implore you to head to her avenue in Blogland at and CELEBRATE her talent and get inspired!!!!

After all, It is Clare's fault that I was inspired to host this current giveaway and I thank her for the fun I am having with it!!!

And figuratively speaking....Feasting on her quilts is a buffet of fun!!!! Enjoy the spread!  Picture from the book, A Fabulous Fair Alphabet.

Love, Em

1 comment:

Clare said...

Oh you are kind. Thank you for linking to me.

I love those words - don't they inspire you???

Your photos in the last post are just so .............. brill!