Sunday, December 5, 2010

"HOME" and "JOY".....Countdown continues with 2 days left!

Last evening was mine and Sean's annual Douglas Christmas party and it was spectacular and almost "TOO MUCH" fun!!!  Throughout the night I would think "I feel so blessed that a house full of friends are gathered to Celebrate friendship and Christmas!"  And my favorite part of the shin-dig was talking with individual friends about stories behind the art in our home, how so-and-so-met, cowboy boots and of course....THE QUILTS!  A friend used our restroom and came out with teary eyes and we had a moment as we talked about the meaning of a quilt card I had hanging that I had made for Sean a couple months back.


"KISS and HUG"



Every word on the copy of WORD PLAY QUILTS by Tonya was in full color during the fun time.

And because of the party and preparations, I apologize to Jenny and Laurie that I have been delayed in posting their photos sent yesterday for the giveaway.  ENJOY!!!!  If you are new to this blog and wonder about how to play giveaway, read the next posts for the fun ins-and-outs and send me photos!

Tango's "JOY" for 7 1/2 years.  I pay tribute to this man in this post and may he be enjoying a nice chat with God.  Laurie is so remarkable and pls CELEBRATE her strength and faith in God at A cyber "HUG" and "KISS" would be a gift at this time in her life.





Leave it to Jenny to send me plenty of fun photos of her sweeties for a giveaway!  These children are very fortunate to have such a special lady for a mother!!!!  CELEBRATE Jenny at

Love, Em

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Jenny said...

looks like your party was SO MUCH FUN!!