Friday, December 3, 2010

Photos and more photos rolling in.....4 days left!......Giveaway continues so come and play!

I am so tickled with all the energy that you have left in comments with the announcement of this giveaway CELEBRATI NG Tonya's book- Word Play Quilts!  Thank you!!! Enjoy the photos below that were shared with me today as early entries for the giveaway...

(If you are new to this blog, current giveaway is picking a word from Tonya's cover of Word Play book and sending a photo/ quilt block/ quilt that represents the word.  Will close on the 7th when she releases her book....The post after this one has more specifics of giveaway and how to get chances in the drawing... and there is more than winner so submit and play!)

Can you believe it? I found this children book at a local Christian bookstore on sale.  Created by Debra Frazier.  If you say the title out loud...TRY IT....What do you notice.....Sounds like:

"A fabulous AFFAIR alphabet"- Godwink!!! 

And then when I saw Q for Quilt...IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!!

 Can't you see this as a quilt block ?....Gotta Celebrate Amish while we are at it!

(Each letter in these pictures is taken from real letters photographed at fairs all over America...) The letters are so close to style of Tonya's depending on the letter photographed...

And the photo entries....ENJOY!

 Above is "GLEE!"  Turbo playing at the beach.

Lynn at sent the 2 pics above.  She also created the GROW on the cover of Tonya's book.  Millie is the name of the sweet cat so graciously posing!  Visit her blog to see the awesom quilt in all its glory posted today.

 "It has to be love, it's something we all need."
Sent by Linda  with a wonderful touching story about the photo.  Visit her at

How fun is this cute girl below!  Thank you Beth at for sending a sweetie that depicts your word choice, "PLAY".  Visit her blog and CELEBRATE her little  pillows  and I am so in love with her giveaway game she is hosting about neighborhoods!!!!!! 

How fabulous is the imagination of a singing youngster!  Pillow is a guitar and a plastic golf club for microphone.  This has DIVA written all over it!  I can just hear her little voice as I write this note.  Andi chose the word "SING" because she enjoys doing so with her family.  Visit her at and enjoy her beautiful quilts and a pony!!!!

I can't wait to post more tomorrow so get out the camera and email me the fun!!!


Amy said...

I love the entries!! I also posted a link to the giveaway..thanks for hosting the giveaway,Amy

Tonya Ricucci said...

these are all so wonderful. I love that Fair Alphabet book - I just went and ordered it for Christmas. woohoo

maree said...

What a groovy book - I love different fonts - fontalicious!!!!! Must go look at my photos...can't miss out on one of your celebrations:) Ciao