Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 days left....with a show of hands who is getting even more excited!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fun continues as I awaken to photos from you friends who are having fun CELEBRATING Tonya.  If you are new to my blog today, details for the giveaway are in the next 2 posts so enjoy this post then visit the others for more fun pictures and how you can get involved in the fun!  Supporting one another in like...sharing:

Visit Tonya at this morning and cheer her on!!! 

I have always enjoyed the Christmas advent calendar activity at this time of year and feel like I am double dipping as I post pics each day CELEBRATING Tonya's book debut while Noah opens a window to discover a new Lego figurine in his Advent Calendar.....

"HOME" is Amy's word and you cam imagine the big grin on my face when I opened the pic and saw this toy hauler.  She has a wonderful post on her blog about this "HOME" so please grab a cup of coffee/tea/Propel and head on over to visit her at

And then I found this find in a parking lot yesterday.  This is my pic of "HOME" for today.....Isn't it wonderful the craftsmanship and I wonder the story behind this house.  Maybe he has a

And do you recall my recent post wondering about Mrs. Claus....Godwink....I found her sunning on a beach in Florida in a book entitle, "Mrs. Claus Goes on Vacation."

Mrs. Claus' HOME away from "HOME!"

This is the colorful beginning of some very fun photos from Erin at  As many of you are familiar with Dearest Erin and her mom projects and sewing adventures, She rocked the house with these color words and I had to post!!  She is currently at a basketball game for her husband whose team is undefeated and best starting since 1987.  GO TEAM GO!!!!!!!!

Brenda is a find that I could not resist.  This very fun "play words" quilt below, BEE, is a CELEBRATION of my favorite number and of her talent!!! She has another word quilt that you must go and see at    Perfect for this time of year!

Tonya, Look at how you impact our creative minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is what the "BUZZ is all about!"  CELEBRATING THE COMMUNITY OF BLOGLAND and its WONKY WORDS!!!!

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