Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating another fabulous day in the field with you, FRIENDS!!!

Erin, Ria and Linda, as I was in awe of this above bumper sticker on a sign on the fence, POOF! you appeared. Funny how clumps of you pop in when I have a pocket of cell servcie- I love it!!!!!!!!! Erin, I love the stories of your boys and would go out on a limb and say that you believe in......FAMILY!!! Ria, Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can tell the clouds were very dark today but what an amazing day. Duff, did you hear these bells ringing for you because as I "clicked" my phone showed you on the screen :>). I am thinking we could use one of these bells for a sweet hat for Super Cute!!!

So much snow this year, and hence the forest looks as though it has been struck by lightning everywhere. For some reason I was captivated by all of the splitting of the branches today. Judi and Jenny, when you each popped up on the phone there was perty trees like this one!
Celebrating BLOGGING once more. It was a crazy busy week the past 7 days and I missed the daily CELEBRATIONS!

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ria vogelzang said...

I am glad you are back to CELEBRATE with....!!!!!!
Thanks for the pictures! Love them!
have a nice day!