Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CELEBRATING...My "mr. men" at the golf course and a special someone who loves Nature... PRESHY!

I couldn't resist, I saw this book cover and thought of Preshy, although her hair is black in real life....Sometimes I just can't help but celebrate little ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had so much fun making this wonky daisy art piece for her last night and have the binding to add then quilt quilt quilt!  She was the "runner up" in the purple wonky star and oak tree contest just because I can't say no to a budding quilter!  She is 7.....I used leftover fabrics from the wonky star quilt sent to Pam so that it is like a "sapling" of the "mama quilt"..

And then there was this hilarious book cover that reminds me of my husband and boys. 

Isn't this aren't the best due to using my phone but the beauty shines through.  Sean and Noah golfing at our golf course in our community.  And I loved sunning on rocks reading COLLABORATIVE QUILTING and MATERIAL OBSESSION. 
I cannot CELEBRATE "MY MEN" enough.....

And....THE EASTER QUuilt giveaway still happening...SCROLL down to put in an entry, the current ones are so enlightening!


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Which Little Miss are you?
I would be Little Miss Chatterbox. My daughter would be Little Miss Mischief in training!

RaeAnna said...

Oh my goodness!! She is going to love this!!!! How beautiful!!! :)
And you are so on with little miss giggles. You brighten my day!
Big hugs to you!!! :)
P.S. love seeing Sean and Noah golfing that is so great and fun to do.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Emily, that daisy quilt is so cute. I did some of those years ago and would love to do it again. I love slicing and dicing. Have been making cars by the hoochy method of slicing and dicing and it is fun! Thanks for your spirit!