Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Wheels on the bus go round and round...IT"S WEDNESDAY!, Jump on the fun bus!

May the whimsy of nature of the bronze and stitched art pieces be  omens of beauty for our travels to the wilderness today! The fun bus is being detailed- chips and brownie explosion from last Wednesday's quilt party adventure!  I will not be in the area for mustangs today but last time we were forging rivers and loving fields of deer.  Today may just be spectacular with sun and steamy stinky feet to check!  Off we go!

Erin, The nurse is in the house and she is sending you healing love for your stitched finger, darn rotary blades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The detailing of the fun bus is taking much longer then I anticipated so I drove you all around my hometown for local photos while we sipped coffee.....Felt like I was seeing my home as a tourist, Silly huh?
I LOVE THE "IN WITH THE GOOD"....What is your New Years Resolution for today?  I thought I would revisit the resolution thing since it has been a few months since egg- nog and Christmas carols. 
Anyone have a CELEBRATION of a good deed today?


ria vogelzang said...

Have fun in the wilderness and be on the look-out for Godwinks.... You'll never know......!!
Erin: hope your finger heals quick!! Be aware of rotary blades........ ;//
Have a great day!!

Erin said...

yay! I was hoping we got to go somewhere today! Thanks for the well wishes! It hurts and the ibuprofen isn't helping... but alas, I can still sew! woot!!! however the rotary cutter intimidates me now... :( safe travels today Emily!

Jenny said...

wow, you get a vacation every week with your job em...what a blessing!

not sure any good deeds have been done yet today, but the day is young!!

safe travels!

Erin said...

so Miss Emily, where are we? I love the Church picture! That is just gorgeous. I can celebrate my hubby and his good deeds today. He's been great about helping me since my activities are somewhat limited. I heart him! :)

♥Duff said...

Dang! I missed the bus!
What's the name/who's the make of the fabric with the swallow on it?

you have been seeing birds--Native Americans would say that is an indication that you'll be soaring to new heights soon. Be on the lookout for something good!!

Em said...

Duff, I am not sure who did the swallows fabric, it is a favorite of mine and came out a couple of years ago. I do not have any remnants otherwise I would check for you.