Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Holy CELEBRATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Giveaway winner....and loving you all travelling with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first roller coaster ride ever, and I didn't have any fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I almost barfed twice but would do it again! Preshy, I enjoyed it for you and your mom!!!!

There is a special place in my heart whenever on the beach. Although I was smiling in this picture because Noah is racing around crazily, I now look at the photo and think of my sunset wedding at the beach.....Something so fabulous about sand and ocean!

If I sell my current house, guess what my next quilt room will feature....I am SERIOUS!!!! I love this room!

I was giddy as we looked at one another and hugged. I wonder who is in this costume?

Fireworks galore every night!

GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this guy!

Right after enjoying the Pirates of Carribean ride, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Moneik and I started the giveaway quilt this evening....I am so excited to announce the winner on Tuesday!

Had to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to you all!

This is my GODWINK- Judi the GreenFairy was in front of me in line at the Haunted Mansion, COULD NOT believe it! We didn't even plan it! Congrats to Arlette for guessing correctly in the game! If you are not familiar and have not fallen in love with Judi's talent as a long arm quilter and dear friend, go to Green Fairy Quilts and fall in love!!!!!!!!!!!

Mickey thanks you all for CELEBRATING with us on this trip to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin is the winner winner!!!!!!! of this quilt for her boys. Finished the hand quilting today and can't wait to bind and put it in the mail. She is a sweet lady and has a blog: Check out her fun that the UPS brought her.

Arlette and Erin CELEBRATING LAUGHTER with me as I photo this card in our room. Why do I find this cute?!

Mickey and I share a similar love for PINWHEELS although I think he should keep the trousers! Brina thought that she may like them in a two tone print.....or Amy Butler fabrics...... Tara send me a Godwink that she had started red and balck and white pinwheels this afternoon then opened this post.....LOVE IT!

Almost hard to believe that this is the photo as we left our homeland in the Gorge of Arizona strip and now below, a land of enchantment for us all. Moneik was the traveller through the gorge and it was as amazing as her OOHS AND AAHS communicated. Unfortunately the mountain goats were hiding this trip!

Patty and Lori were a little rambunctious last night on the It's A Small World ride but you know what, I loved their enthusiasm! What was your favorite country depiction, ladies?

Do you think the architect for Disney's California Adventure park is a quilter at heart! How many times I have used this pattern as a template for quilts and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then the classic 9 patch............. Oh and did you notice, it's a water fountain cubby. As Noah says, "Mom, you can turn anything into a quilt idea!". Sometimes he says with a giggle and sometimes while rolling his eyes.....

Delicate poppies to all who are needing a bouquet of spring for their winter homelands! Shipped directly from California to your heart.

RaeAnna and Preshy were so fun on this CHEW CHEW train ride. Perfect timing for their arrival since RaeAnna's latest quilt has cupcakes as the focus fabric! And as you know, I love days likened to CUPCAKES!

Noah and Sean in front of the castle this morning, Judi (proud "grandmother" of Abigail), is invisible in the window of the turret :). She also joined us for Mr. Toad's Wild ride soon after.

This is beyond my wildest dreams, This Disneyland Magical Kingdom! I am like a little girl! AND........................ I had no idea that CELEBRATE would be written everywhere. It is the 55th birthday for Disneyland and as you can see above, everyone is CELEBRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not going to post all the pics of where we have all been together the past 24 hours, but will do so when arriving back in Utah. Please continue to comment to this post or the one below to continue to enter the giveaway. Comment as often as you would like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erin said...

Oh I am so jealous of the weather where you are! The Munchkin, Gus-Gus and Daddy are out snow machining right now. The Peanut and I are inside... too cold for little ones right now! But, I am working on a quilt, so it's okay with me! Can't wait to see all your pictures when you get back! Ride the Dumbo ride for me!

Tara said...

Oh Em, what fun!! I've enjoyed following your journey! What a vacation! And When I saw your photo and comments on Mickey I had to smile - you see, I just started cutting black and red pinwheels today before I read your blog....serious!
As for your Godwink --- my guess is that it had to be your sister??? Am I right??

Tangos Treasures said...

Hummm your Godwink is Judi?? The pictures look like y'all are having fun!!

♥Duff said...

If you are able to go on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, let me know how it goes! It looks scary!
Hope everyone is having a great time! Sean and Noah look ready for action!☼ ☺

Jenny said...

what fun em, this is my first trip to Disneyland!

arlette said...

The scenery you had it breath taking, let's see I have been in It's a Small World, I remember the cute dolls singing and dancing, the mexican dollies were really cute. Your Mickey Mouse pic looks familiar for me, I'll check if it's similar to one I have. Hope you have extra lots of fun!!!!, can I have a bite of the yummy cupcake?
Erin's so lucky, the quilt of the flower basket's really cute, I adore it!!!!

arlette said...

I was told Mickey and Minnie are really difficult to watch around, I don't know if it's true or not!

Moneik said...

Love the Mickey picture! Sounds like you are having tons of fun.

Erin said...

Em, thanks so much for taking us to Disney with you! It was much cheaper (and no whining I might add!) this way. Too bad my boys won't remember it! *giggle*

oh, and one very minor thing...
my blog addy is:

No worries though! <3

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Emily! I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time on your trip, thanks for sharing all the photos!

Char said...

Pictures are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!!

♥Duff said...

Oh! I love the merry-go-round pic! You two look so happy!

arlette said...

Love the pics you're posting :), hope to see tons more, I'm so glad you're having fun, I didn't have a good day today, but I'm not going in details, lol. We live in a small world, was funny you found Judi there, geez, it's one in a million, I love Judi's work, I'm in love with her talent, I blame I don't live close from you :(, congrats to Erin!

RaeAnna said...

Hey you!
I'm so glad you loved space mountain! My little presh was so glad you went on it!
We have been very busy painting in the house today. I wish I was with you instead! :)
Are you watching fireworks now????

♥Duff said...

Hello? Are you guys home yet? Probably just sleeping it off after all that fun!
Talk to you soon!!!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

oi. I am living vicariously through you right now,
boy do i need a vacation!!!

arlette said...

Awwwwww you got a pic with Minnie Mouse, you're the luckiest girl!, adore the pics from today!!! <3<3<3<3