Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feels like Valentine's Day.... CELEBRATING LOVE on a Thursday

Just because...................  Doesn't it feel good to surprise someone by saying, "I love you!"
Could this be a quilt block?   Found the card with cute underwear at Target and thought so cute to add to the post.
Love making mini quilt postcards and every so often I dredge this photo up out of the archives and post.


Jenny said...

love you Em!

Tara said...

Em, we must be in the same kind of mood today...this morning I wrote a post on "Just because"... Ironic that you did too! Your creativity is beautiful as always! You've inspired me to pull out an oldy from last year - I think it's time for a game of Play It Forward. What do you think?

Em said...

Tara, They say great hearts think alike, especially us silly hearts from small towns :) I loved your story on your blog about your daughter's birthday in December and already planning her present...Gotta love our kids that think money grows on trees. How do I play "Pay it forward?"

♥Duff said...

Hey Tara, I'm in too if you need more players! That's players, not play-ehs!!

Em, I love the bottom card-did you make that? the little dog and cat are too sweet! (I'm not sure if the Target comment is for the pic above or below)

Tara said...

Em - Play it forward is really a free give-away (my prize shall be a homemade surprise),the only rule is that if you play you have to give away too....hence, pay it forward. It will go on and on, free gifts being mailed everywhere! Check my blog. We usually play in three's, three prizes for three people (much like the original pay it forward request) but I've found people aren't brave, or get stingy and don't want to play. So, this time I'm going for ONE prize, ONE winner - and a drawing to see who the lucky one is...and hoping to get a better relay race that doesn't end.
Duff, I'll be happy to add you to the draw. My blog is locked (four young un's I brag all too often about - safety first) but I'll keep you posted by stalking your blog :-) Isn't it fun!?

Vesuviusmama said...

We love you, too, but there is lots to list after the "because"! Because you are so fun, because you are so generous, because you are so positive, because you are so creative, because you are YOU!