Thursday, March 25, 2010

Win this quilt!.....CELEBRATING Kaffe florals, people and places that uplift and inspire us...Feminine funky stars will dance with your joy!

2 blocks quilted and a few to go! 
If anyone interested in making this with me, I will make a tutorial with the next one. Just an idea....
HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am reminded of why I enjoy sewing with Kaffe Fassett fabrics as I hand quilt for the finishing touches.

I have been distracted with the desire to finish the quilt and gift to a special someone who inspires all that read this post.  SO.........may the following quote from "Rain of Gold" inspire leave a comment.  I will close the giveaway when the quilt is pieced and I have finished the hand quilting, going quicker then I thought because it is so fun! 
 Leave as many comments as you would like and may the piece be chosen for you!  I hope the following quote is an inspiration to you and cause for CELEBRATION!  ENJOY!!!

"...the more I live and see, I'm beginning to think that the most important things in life seem to come to us like, well, in a gift, a vision, a special knowledge so deep inside us that we actually know things before we even know them.....I can tell you, now that I've rested here with my great friend, this mighty oak tree......Here take a good look at my crying tree, and see her mighty limbs, her great trunk, and where her limbs have been broken by fire and lightning, but how she's mended herself.  Imagine, all that this tree has been through.  Look at her broken places and see the tender new growth that she's sprouted.  Look at the great burn that reached the heart of her trunk and yet she withstood that great fire of the meteorite that burned down all the big pines.  As sure as this tree lives, so does my heart.....This is my crying tree and ever since we came to this canyon, I've been coming up here when I feel sad or lonely or just too tired to go on.  This tree listens to me, giving me strength, breathing new hope and power into very soul.....keeping our faith in God."


♥Duff said...

I am going to see what pops into my head each time I read this. So tonight, here it is:
I started by thinking about intuition and healing. How we must name the ache to mend it. Underneath that belief is faith that the healing will come. In its time. So stand tall, even when you feel small. So kneel in reverence, even when you want to run away. Pain of the heart never leaves quickly or quietly; it uproots our beliefs in ourselves and our place. But eventually, we look up and see the beauty that has been surrounding us the whole time. The rain, the clouds, the sun, the steam rising from the coffee. The smell of the flowers, the sight of the rainbow, the feel of a soft baby bunny's heartbeat in your hand. The power of creation; we are all connected. When you are lost and hurt, return to what was here before you and what will be here after you: nature & God.

Pamela said...

Each time I read someone's blog or look at the projects they have undertaken, I am constantly inspired to be a better person, be a more creative person, be a more generous person, giving of my time, my hands and my heart. Em, I am constantly amazed and encouraged by your words...what a whole, happy person you must be. You seem to be filled with the joy of living.

I finally faced the fact that I was so lonely and so unhappy. I would see a picture of myself and think that my eyes looked so sad. Life has not brought me the plans that I made for it, but a dear, dear friend once told me...'not in our time, but in God's time.' Reading blogs such as yours has helped to inspired me! My outlook on life has changed and I thank God each day for the little things that when grouped together make our lives wonderful.

Thank you for your inspiration. I didn't write this to be considered for your beautiful quilt, but just had to share how much reading all the blogs from other generous people has made me feel. To be a part of such an amazing community is indeed a gift of itself!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Emily, I LOVE purple and I also love Kaffe fabrics which I am working with for a new book. I think your tree is lovely and your stars wonderful. Keep up the positive energy on your lovely blog!

Monet said...

The tree is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love it. You have a gift for wonkiness :)

RaeAnna said...

Hi Em!!!
This is absolutely beautiful! I love the purple and your amazing piecing! I love that you are thinking about doing an on-line tutorial!!! If I can do it anybody can! ha ha
The quote that you have mentioned really makes me think of my little girl. I am amazed at her ability to really take the time to stop and smell the roses. Since she was about 2 or 3 she has been so interested in the details of life especially outside. She has such a curiosity and zest for flowers, trees, bugs and everything that grows. She gardens next to me all day long because she really enjoys it. It has taught me to slow down and try not to feel like everything is such a job, but try to see the world through her eyes. I must say it is a better place!

♥Duff said...

Today I read the quote and here is the internal response:
The mighty oak tree is within us all. It's a place we can go to, quietly, to stand and see ourselves/our lives from an objective viewpoint. Perhaps, to view our physical life from our spiritual one. They are entwined within the same person, but while one is open to the hurting and healing of physical realities, the other is spiritual and strong (mighty!) with branches and leaves to provide shade and shelter when necessary. It runs along the idea that when something happens, we might say, “If this were happening to a friend, what would I tell her to do?” and all the love you have for that person guides you to the answer. Here, the mighty oak within us, is a place to look at ourselves and WITH GREAT LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE see the growth that emerged from troublesome times; let spirit guide us to an answer, and if an answer is not yet ready, this place offers solace until it comes.

SheilaC said...

wOw, Em, that quote is quite powerful..... thank you for sharing it... and

Thanks so much for the support on my blog!! I made it through okay (more than okay!) And it looks like it will be a good class...

Students are all a mix of ages which should make for an interesting social psychology class :)


Anonymous said...

I so love your blog and often come and read what you are up too. It often gives me a lift.
Your quilt is just so much fun and full of life.
Thank you for sharing.


Vesuviusmama said...

It is just gorgeous - yay for Pam! I see I can't miss reading your blog for even a day or two because I'll miss something special!

Marcia W. said...

Please enter me into your giveaway for this glorious purple quilt. Thank you for your inspirational words today.