Sunday, March 14, 2010

Giveaway! Celebrating Life, Peoples, Blogs! Leave a comment and get a chance in the drawing for Pinwheel or Flags quilt- your choice! 1 winner getting closer to be announced!

See the smile below? That is how I feel about so many you who bless my life each day with your visits and comments!  Thank you for your love and friendship. 

Giveaway details below Maya Angelou quote.  Have fun celebrating and good luck!

Duff  sent me this pendant for my birthday and also emailed me this Maya Angelou quote this morning and I CELEBRATE IT, ENJOY!!!!

"When you are feeling down, CELEBRATE your spirit.  The essence of life in your body, CELEBRATING your spirit, is CELEBRATING LIFE.  The ability to have, to be, and to do is embedded in your spirit.  In this life, we are bound to earth by the physical body.  In spirit, we are bound to the sky, the moon, the stars, the univers and the Creator.  Spirit is the life force of the Creator as it uniquely expresses itself through you! Now that is something to CELEBRATE.  CELEBRATION of the spirit requires reflection and anticipation.  Reflection reminds you of where you've been.  Anticipation allows you to keep moving forward.  Spirit inspires you to do better, ask for more, expect the best for yourself. Never allow the temporary setback or disappointment to dampen the CELEBRATION OF LIFE  through spirit you are divine.  In this life, you are spirit.  CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE!


Giveaway details below: Prize was amended on 3/15. Please see below.

Please leave  comments of person or blog you are reminded of when reading the above quote.  Please leave a ditty of how they exemplify the CELEBRATION OF LIFE AND WHO THEY ARE.  Will be open until next Saturday 3/20 night at midnight.

GIVEAWAY PRIZE will be announced Sunday when name from comment is drawn and the prize is.......The quilt on my blog title......Time to have the pinwheel spin in to someone else's home. 

I have a lot of passion about this giveaway so please comment as often to CELEBRATE people or blogs and uplift one another as you would like.Each comment will get a chance in the drawing. Let's shoot for a million celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!!


♥Duff said...

☼ Looks great! You crack me up!! ☼

Em said...

What cracks you up? :). Duff, The above giveaway is my thoughts about your idea for a blog celebration/ giveaway! I hope you leave a comment!

♥Duff said...

I'm cracking up because a person might show the item received, but you stick it on a picture of your smiling face--how can I NOT crack up? You add a natural joy to things!!♥

Love your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Em, Sharon's quilts are unbelieveable. I am going to have to e-mail her and let her know they are awesome, amazing and beautiful. She is such a talented woman. I miss seeing you both...bringing sparkle dust where ever you go. Is Sharon coming West anytime this spring, summer, fall? I want to give her a hug and let her know how much I love my quilt and the meaning behind it. You keep on celebrating because that is what life is all about! You are my superheroine!

Em said...

Becky, I agree with you about Sharon being unbelievable! She would love to hear from you. She gave me your snail mail address so a little fun quilt will be on the way to you!! She will come out this summer I believe and then you can hug! Would you take a pic of the quilt she made for you and Arden and email to me? Love to you and ARden and Chloe! Em

Bri!!! said...

Oh my, I have so many blogs that inspire me. Here is one that rocked me to my core. I don't even know this girl, but have been in awe of her faith and courage. She lost her baby back in January to Pertussis at 2 months old. Her posts about her journey have been very moving. I would love to meet this girl.

Erin said...

Em, I read your post this morning, and I have been thinking about it all day long. And the one person who keeps popping out at me, is YOU! You absolutely celebrate. Not many people can walk into a Target and find things to celebrate. They are too worried about rushing here, there, and everywhere, just getting to the next thing in life, and not taking the time to celebrate what IS right now! So Miss Emily, I want to be more like YOU when I grow up. :) Lots of hugs and blessings to you on this peaceful Sunday night! xxoo's

Em said...

Bri, Your comment brought a tear to my eye because I cannot imagine going through that and would be grateful for a belief in God. It was especially potent to me because of knowing you! Love you, Em

Em said...

Erin, You sweetie!!! I smiled when I read your comment and want to let you know that I could not go in to Target without my fabulous home that "puts up" with my CELEBRATIONS while he is doing the shopping and patiently waiting with Noah outside playing hide and seek :). You will need to comment again though because I can't win my own quilt as a nominee :)!!!

Em said...

I promise I won't put myself in the drawing but I have a CELEBRATION that just happened to me. CELEBRATING JOE! I work with a special someone who has been very very ill this past week. He tried to ignore it but then caved and I gave him an "RN Tongue lashing for waiting so long." Wanting him to get the best care, I consulted by email with a friend who is a fabulous doc in the field of my friend's ailment. He kindly wrote back and let me know he would fit him into his busy schedule Tuesday if needed. Meant a lot to me that he would be willing to be a resource for me and my friend and potentially add a chunk of time to his workday. Thank you, Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

When I read that quote I think of my husband. He did not have the easiest of times as a child and young adult yet he has grown into a fine, loving, and strong man. He is so comfortable in his own skin; he loves himself and in turn he loves others. He has taught me to celebrate the small things just as much as the big things. We celebrate a lot in our home and it is because of his leading. I love him and I love his example. He is worth celebrating every single day!


♥Duff said...

I’d like to nominate Barb C.; she is the librarian in the next town. When you walk in, Barb cocks her head, flashes a smile, and asks how you’ve been. How your children are. What’s new in your life. Even if you haven’t seen her in months, she remembers everyone’s names and life stories!
I know she has some health problems, and sometimes you’ll catch her wincing, but you’d never get the full story—she’d wave it off, begging you to talk about something more exciting. Did I mention that you are allowed to talk as loud as you like in her library? She loves to see the little ones getting excited about books and organizes all types of read-ins with big prizes. Did I mention her entire staff plays Farmville? She said at first she felt a little strange about it, but then she noticed the employees helping one another to farm which led to greater harmony, so now she plays too.
I knew I had a few fines from my library but forgot to pay them. When I went online to check the total, there wasn’t one—it had disappeared! This was right after visiting Barb so I knew she erased it. And didn’t say a word. Which does not surprise me in the least. If I asked her about it, she’d say something like, “I don’t remember. Maybe. Life’s too short for citing misdemeanors.”
Barb is an unbelievably upbeat person who celebrates life by connecting with those around her and making their lives more pleasurable whether it’s through conversation, family-time activities, employee cohesion, or obliterating a fine without taking any credit for it! Barb rocks!

♥Duff said...

Here's a blog I just L-O-V-E! Zen Habits is a blog about living minimally and getting more accomplished thereby increasing your life satisfaction.
Take today's post, for example: "How To Be a Positive Person in Under 300 Words"
The colorful words link to other posts on that topic. Check it out! Or subscribe!

Em said...

Celebrating RAEANNA! I was so excited and tickled when I visited Judi at Green Fairy Quilts to pick up Tango's Disney giveaway and RaeAnna had a gift card waiting for me "I want to CELEBRATE our friendship" Love RaeAnna. So many surprises for my week! (aren't I lucky I get to see Judi in person!- another celebration!)

K. M. Berry said...

Completely off-topic but I posted this on Sean's facebook page but I wanted to make sure you got it, too.

Just got your fantastic gifts today. What a great set of mouse ears. We love all the gifts, but I especially can't wait until I can stick the boys in those awesome Jack Skellington onesies/bottoms!!! I think I'll cry when they grow out of them... I'll have to figure out how to re-purpose them as art if I haven't made them wear the outfits so often that they simply disintegrate. Combine all that with the way nifty bag and a black jogging stroller and we're going to be one stylin'--albeit slightly goth--entourage. ;-)

I've been humming "Making Christmas" off and on all day since opening the box. Thanks so much!

RaeAnna said...

Hey Em!
So glad you got your giftcard!! And a special thanks to Judi for letting me do that. :)
I love celebrating you and our friendship!
Maya Angelou's quote reminds me of my grandmother. She is a very special person in my life as you know. I spent many summer's with my grandparents and LOVED it!! I am going there to see her in a few weeks with my mom and my presh for a girls visit. I am so excited! I want to celebrate her and her love for her family!

P.S. Please tell Sharon hello for me and that I LOVE her new quilt!!!

Em said...

I was late for a meeting and still could not resist the pull to my Starbucks on Sunset where all of my friends were working today! Can't help but giggle and have fun with Lisa and Julie and the "regulars". "CHEERS" still exists and I am "Norm"! Love going to an "establishment" and feeling like I am having an intimate cup of coffee!

Bri!!! said...

Em, I too agree with Erin. I celebrate YOU!

Patty said...

I celebrate my friends, in blogland and in person. I couldn't make it without them.

SheilaC said...

This blog inspires me most.... it is the first I read every day, and it always leaves me with a smile!

Thanks for a wonderful give away, and I love that quote!


Deb said...

Well, I just found your blog via Jaybird Quilts. I love turning on my computer every morning and finding all the quilting blogs that inspire me to Celebrate a special craft. I love quilting and love to celebrate with friends quilting and crafting together.

Jeanne said...

I discovered your blog through Jaybird Quilts, also. Blogging makes the world seem like next door neighbors.