Friday, March 19, 2010

My dear husband......I am a LUCKY woman!

This week has been very busy at my job and I love it, but I am also grateful the weekend is here....almost.  This afternoon my phone buzzed and look what I opened from my husband.

the text read, "...Celebrating your influence."

This weekend is his birthday and big bash tomorrow night at the house.  I can't wait!  It's "Sunday dinner" on Saturday...


Jenny said...

em, im having trouble posting to your blog...blogger has denied me the last few times!@! maybe i can get thru this time to wish your hubby the happiest of birthdays!
love your new banner!!

Anonymous said...

Tell him Judi in Virginia says Happy Birthday and we celebrate him!

Em said...

will do! You cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUDI, HAPPY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!

Jenny, I sent the blocks to you today, I hope you and Hugo enjoy them, I loved making them!