Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thanks to you all and life preservers, we survived the rivers! Enjoy the photos of "another day in my office"...

Clouds were omenous but the day turned out to be pleasant and somewhat warm. Squaretop is the infamous field mountain dusted in snow.
One of the many small streams we crossed and at one time we were all driving 50 feet in middle of stream looking for the road :). Sometimes I wonder how I found this job!

Something reverent about this road sign in Kayenta. Of course we had to start with coffee at Xetava Coffee Gardens.

Oh my, how did this get teleported to the wilderness.............You can tell what I was thinking about at times.........................

This was the biggie ladies and gentleman! Yesterday the river went over the truck hood but fortunately for us we just made a big splash!

Thought of Autopia, ride in Disneyland. All I had to do was put on the gas and the ruts acted as a track and guided me down the road willy nilly. This road status was at least half of the 100 miles we travelled today. Sure was glad we had window wiper fluid!
Bri, this is where we were when your comment came through!

Squaretop from the west near Nevada. Picture earlier was from the East. I love the starkness of the land from this view!

Found art. Do you think there was thought put into this creative process or someone doing litter patrol?

I always love the deer! Zoom in for a closeup!

I think this bronze marker CELEBRATING someone's life is so touching and gorgeous. I love that it is "natural" with the surroundings and yet its presence speaks of pausing for a moment to thank God for life!

Cactus getting ready for spring at the coffee shop.

Shower, water for tea, hand wash, foot wash, everyday drinking water. In my case, the most obvious CAIRN designating a camp. Gotta love the blueie!
Thanks to all for joining me on the Fun Bus, BECKY is the winner of the drawing, earrings that remind me of the stratas of the sandstone in the field. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


arlette said...

Dang I missed the bus!!!, I'm not tired of travelling with you, I'm sure I'd love it the marvelous views you had!

ria vogelzang said...

I also must have missed your bus........!!!
I would have loved to join you on your wonderful adventures. I really agree with you: how did you find such a great job!!!
I loved your pictures of this beautiful nature! God is so awesome!! And so typically you to let a colourfull disneyland-picture pop upin all the greyer pictures... ;)) ..! You are all about colour...... 8)) ....!!!!!!!!!!!
Whishing you a lovely day! I'm off to babysit my little granddaughter. She's almost two and adores her "oma"......!!(Ofcourse I adore her VERY much as well!!!)

Blogless me said...

Congratulations to Becky - you are being seriously envied by a lot of people!

Btw, I was wondering these days - is your job somehow sponsored by the Indiana Jones' Society ;-) ? Hopefully you don't have to experience the perils, just the adventures and the excitement. And the views are to die for, both landscapes and wildlife!

♥Duff said...

(I'm so glad to see a post! I was getting worried!!) What a beautiful day and the scenery was spectacular!

Em said...

I love the idea of my job being like the Indiana Jones Society- the perils are stinky feet, interesting rashes and funny thing is, I love them because it is well being of the physical person.

Someone asked me last night on an email what I do.... interesting question..... as my son said 2 weeks ago to a stranger at the skate park, "she works hard 24/7 and is a nurse...." I love what I do almost as much as blogging and quilting and general zany views on life!

Anonymous said...

I have a big smile on my face. Your posts are great! You are a far better woman than I, crossing that large body of water out in the "far from civilization beautiful backcountry". You are definitely making the most out of each day and I congratulate you. It is the perfect way to live!
Love, Becky

Em said...

Becky, H! I believe it is my husband that is the sport about me forging the wilds "far from civilization!" and I thinks he doesn't think about it.....Love knowing that you and I "visit" daily over chuckles! Saw Julie at Starbucks today and she looks beautifully pregnant- 7 weeks to go! Email me your snail mail address or come down and visit us and I can give the prize in person :)> Em