Saturday, January 16, 2010

2nd round of editing.Celebrating RaeAnna having just bought all her sewing necessities and about to begin her first quilt. Join if you would like!!!!

Finished pinwheel sweetie, let's begin!!!
To begin, fold your fabric matching the selvages which are the finished edges of the fabric. Match the selvages and if the edge of the fabric is not even, we will even it up.

If your left edge is not even as it is folded, cut 8 1/2" strip. Then turn the strip so that your newly cut edge is on the 8 inch line and cut which will make your strip an even 8" strip.

Unfold your eight strip. Cut off the edge of the strip because it is selvage and usually has an odd lock. Then using your ruler cut two 8 inch squares.

You need two of these 8 inch squares for each pinwheel block

This fabric is used as the larger triangle in the pinwheel so you cut in half yielding 2 triangles from the square. DO the same with the 2nd 8 inch square so that you have 4 triangles for each pinwheel block.

Lay out your triangles to envision the pinwheel :).

Now for the smaller inner triangles that make up the remainder of the pinwheel. Repeat above steps to get 8 inch strip of fabric.

Layout strip of fabric

Cut one 8 inch square that will become 4 triangles for this pinwheel block.

Becoming smaller................... corner to corner like you did the the brown square.

Then cut from other corner to corner yielding 4 small triangle. Can also pretend that you are creating a fabric railroad crossing sign :)

triangles after being cut.

repeat steps earlier with brown and white fabric for the final triangles. 8 inch strip.

Unfold 8 inch strip

Cut one 8 inch square.

Corner to corner and then other corner to corner to make 4 small triangles.

Creating the railroad crossing sign...

Put them together and voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do this process 3 more times to yield 4 pinwheel blocks.
Sewing them together is next....................................Let me know RaeAnna when you are ready.


Blogless me said...

Is it just me and my browser, or is Blogger playing formatting jokes? I have problems viewing this post properly - lots of empty spaces between the pics and the instructions do not follow the illustrations. I'll try later.

♥Duff said...

Yes, formatting is off for me as well, making it confusing.
I am trying to follow mentally so I'm thinking, well, why are the 1/2 triangles the same size as the 1/4 triangles? won't the 1/4 triangles be smaller than the 1/2 once you sew them together at the middle seam? (If they are both 8" squares pre-cut) (My apologies if this is a dumb question but maybe one of your students will have it? Or maybe I need to just follow the directions!?)

Number 4 is either missing a word at the end or you meant to write t00? I think once you get the formatting together, it will be a nice tutorial start!

Em said...

I appreciate the feedback! So helpful. I will go with my inital instinct and do the writing with the photo.

I need to figure out the triangle question, Duffy. I added the info to question 4.

I would rather have a webcam....this is good practice for me to try and write what i do naturally and then you guys proofread.

Edit 2 coming up...

Blogless me said...

The formatting is better now, but still the last part has a lot of empty space in-between the text of the post and the comment form. I think, Duff has a point about the measurements. I think you have to a half inch to the squares that will make the QST. Sorry, I did not pick that up before. ... Perseverance pays.