Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DInner at my house tonight to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of you sending me your love and inspiration, today at 2 Utah time I will say good-bye to my braids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL became today, Tuesday, when my Kym was not working yesterday. Couldn't trust this event to just anyone...
Let's have a dinner party tonight, I will provide photos and yummy food and you provide the company. A cyber get together. Also, reminder that tomorrow the fun bus leaves at 9 AM Utah time to a gorgeous spectacular corner of Utah. I leased a larger bus for tomorrow since last week was such a success. Bring a friend and off we go. Let's do the same again, you send me comments tomorrow and I will take the picture so you know where we were at that moment....I love this life with you all, thank you for sharing your precious time with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


♥Duff said...

In the midnight hour, she cried Cut My Hair.
With a rebel yell she cried More, More, More, More, More, More!

Rock On, Em!

Jenny said...

its 2 my time...must be getting close for you!
go get'em!

can't wait for the dinner date!

The Brown's said...

I didn't peek, but I'm thinking that the answer to the puzzle was Locks of Love:) I think that is wonderful!! It's good to read your blog and "feel" your spirit Emily!! Thanks for adding me on fb, it's allowed me to see your blog and believe me I needed a little positive energy today! Miss you lots! Paige

arlette said...

Hmmmm, sounds yummy for me!, I'm going to take all the dessert for me, just letting you all know, lol!, have fun tomorrow!

Tangos Treasures said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to see your new do!!
For such a great cause, have you seen one of their wigs?? They are made so well!!
Tee hee we get dinner?? SWEET no cooking here!!
Arlette you know you have to share!!

sharon said...

Hello Em!
I think you were the one on Greenfairyquilts that said you were making that cute quilt she posted at the beginning of the month and you were making it in Kaffe Fasset fabrics - Well - Can you give me the name of the pattern? I would love to make it too. Thanks.